Books I'm Reading Now

  • Ursula K. LeGuin: No Time to Spare
  • Matthew Walker: Why We Sleep
  • Naomi Alderman: The Power
  • Ursula LeGuin: A Wizard of Earthsea

Books I've read in 2018

  • Ursula K. LeGuin: The Left Hand of Darkness
  • NoViolet Bulawayo: We Need New Names
  • Arnaldur Indridason: Jar City
  • Margery Allingham: The Coroner's Pidgin
  • Will Schwalbe: Books for Living
  • Sylvia Townsend Warner: Lolly Willowes
  • Jeanette Winterson: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

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Wow, that's an intense encounter with one of the greats. I love the details of your story -- I was right there, shivering.

Thanks, Elizabeth. I was in the right place at the right time, met a lot of interesting women, wrote poetry, read poetry, and raised hell in my marriage. Glad those days are over!

Dagmar Schultz, a dear friend from Berlin, Germany has produced a film of Audre Lorde called Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984-1992. She and her lover had moved to Berlin and taught in the colleges there. This was where she spent the last of her days until she moved to St. Croix where she died November 17th, 1992. The film is a remarkable documentation of how Audre began a movement of African/German women. Holly Near has a line in one of her songs, "Focus on the details, the ones that reflect the change. There lies Revolution..." In the film I watched the faces of these young African/American women change as Audre spoke to them. There was a shift in their understanding of their place in the world and the action they were going to take because of that. A Revolution began inside each one of these women and they became strong activist in Germany. I hope you will be able to see this film. Dagmar did a beautiful job.

Hi Robin,
Yes, I saw trailers for the documentary when I was doing a little research on Lorde. Looks really good. Thanks for telling me about it.

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